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2015 H2 bought new (left over stock) in 2017. Had Xpel PPF fitted a month after purchase, so about 5 years on bike.

I had the whole bike covered, they use an online template, but can adapt new sections if needed, this then adds to the online template for future users from what I was told. I'm glad I had it done if just for the sake of small scuffs/stone chips etc. not damaging the paint. It has done a great job overall.

As far as the tank is concerned, I was slightly disappointed that is had to be applied in two sections, front and back halves, with a seam line roughly halfway through the petrol cap position, if you get what I mean. I was told the template had this pattern, and it would be fairly difficult to do in one piece due to the curves of the tank, they did say if I wanted they could do a one piece tank cover, but I settled for the two piece. (would have cost more). Anyway, the seam line was very fine at first, so I wasn't too worried. Over time the seam line gap had increased slightly.

I have just last month removed the tank Xpel due to a small section lifting and getting a petrol spill under it, this caused a larger lifting and bubbling of the PPF. I then fitted TechSpec centre tank pad and side grip pads (currently the deal is get two side grip pads and centre pad is free). These fit well and I think look good.

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