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Who has the press kit?

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I've been trying to find the 18 page version with little success. Maybe I'm missing something obvious? If so, could somebody post the link if you have it? Many thanks.
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I've been trying to find the 18 page version with little success. Maybe I'm missing something obvious? If so, could somebody post the link if you have it? Many thanks.
Cannot help with the 18 page version, but for the 23 page version for the H2, go here:

Press Releases | Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA

The H2R and H2 are right at the top of the list.

Remember me in your Will! ;)
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Remember me in your Will! ;)
I hope that's not your vote of confidence in my riding skills. :D
So far it's a good read. Here's my favorite parts:

For a motorcycle that delivers supersport-level handling coupled with the kind of acceleration no rider has experienced before, Ninja H2 was the perfect name.

The air cleaner is positioned directly in front of the supercharger. (That's some air filter).

It's throttle by wire.

Holds 1.3 gallons of oil.

It flows approximately 1.5x more air through the rad than other bikes. (I wonder if swapping traditional coolant for engine ice might help bikes that are being modified? That stuff saved my 10R going over the hill daily in LA when it was 9 million degrees out.)

Ninja H2, the objectives for the chassis were to provide superb motorcycle composure at ultra-high speeds. (When you say 'ultra' how far over 200 are we talking here?)

a shorter wheelbase was selected to achieve the compact overall package and sharp handling that were desired. So the frame needed to not only be stiff, but also to be able to absorb external disturbances, which could otherwise unsettle the chassis when encountered at high speed. A trellis frame provided both the strength to harness the incredible power of the supercharged engine, and the balanced flex to achieve stability for high-speed riding. Its open design also helps dissipate heat generated by the supercharged engine.

The swingarm pivot shaft goes through this plate, essentially allowing the swingarm to be mounted directly to the engine.

Thanks to the swingarm mounting plate, the frame does not need to use crossmembers for stability. This contributes to the frame’s low weight.

Knurling on the inside of the rear wheel rim helps prevent tire slipping on the wheel that could be caused by the massive torque generated by the engine.

The Ninja H2 is able to use high-performance street tires. So, looks like the Bridgestone's are not a requirement and can go.

It is no accident that when viewed from the side, the Ninja H2 and H2R do not have the aggressive forward-canted stance of most modern supersport motorcycles. While supersport bikes use their front-leaning attitude to aid quick steering, at the speeds for which the closed- course Ninja H2R was designed, such a posture would create drag, which would hinder top speed potential. Therefore, the H2 stance is very neutral, almost flat – like a Formula 1 car – to make the body as aerodynamically sleek as possible. Sounds like somebody still holds a grudge against Suzuki. Somebody call Guinness.

The Ninja H2 features mirror mounts with airfoil cross-sections … the trailing edges are equipped with Gurney flaps that increase the effectiveness of the simple airfoil shape, allowing greater downforce to be generated by the small surface.

The rider triangle is similar to that of the Ninja® ZX-10R motorcycle, but more relaxed.

Handlebar control switches put all mode selection and display options at the rider’s fingertips. With all the parameter memory options, I'm a little bummed there isn't a 'highest speed attained' memory function.

And with the exception of the bulb illuminating the license plate, all lighting equipment on the Ninja H2 uses LEDs.
So, you're saying it's possible for my license plate light to accidentally burn out? :D

Twice the layers of clearcoat (two on standard pieces, four on pieces with decals) adds to the high-quality finish. The paint on the fuel tank is finished with a UV coat (the only layer where robot painters are used) to protect the tank’s brilliant finish. Thank God, I can fix clear coat.

Here it is in writing:

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R and H2 are limited-release production motorcycles, available for a short time in select markets. In order to reserve one of the world’s first supercharged production streetbikes, make a deposit at your local authorized Kawasaki dealer no later than December 19, 2014. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis and are secured only with a deposit.
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"the kind of acceleration no rider has experienced before"

That both scares and excites me at the same time.
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