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Where's the swag?

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I need a river mark hat or some such thing to occupy myself until it gets here. C'mon Kawi, you're losing at least $20 in t-shirt sales here.

Kidding aside, would be cool if the bike came with a bag of 'owner only' swag. The 00 12R was kinda nice with the book. Could really dig a flag to fly in between rides - something only guys who bought the bike got. How about an mirror silver hat or a Kawasaki brand arm cast and neck brace? You know, something I'll actually use.
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I was a bit disappointed that there was absolutely nothing at the dealership when I put the $5000 deposit, not a postcard, not a color brochure, nothing at all...

I do hope they will have something for the delivery date, besides the bike, that is :)
2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R Track Street Hyper Bike Motorcycle Poster 24x48in | eBay

I thought about purchasing this and putting in my garage to stare at until the real one arrives.
I want a poster with the H2 instead...
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good point on the shirts, posters, etc.

it would be a good idea for them to come out with such things, good for those who can afford it and those that can only dream about owning one.
I want a poster with the H2 instead...

Same guy had posters of the H2 earlier this month, just contact him via Ebay and I bet he can produce.

Weird, but my dealer said they did not even get any swag. I asked because I usually have dibs on it when they're done with it i.e. posters and promotional stuff. :(
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