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Jet Ski's, Fighter Jets and Racing slicks, find the common theme. Who said Kawasaki Ninja H2?

Of course the cat is out of the bag something big is on the scene, try a ZX-10R derived, 296 bhp force fed 998cc inline 4 simply named the H2-R. We've known about Kawasaki's supercharged ambitions since last years Tokyo motor show when Kawasaki showed off a supercharged inline 4 with little else in the way of context.

So how does it work? Well Kawasaki says that their ram air duct flows directly into the supercharger inlet, which in turn force feeds pressurized air into a larger airbox. But the supercharger wasn't the largest surprise in store.

A steel trellis frame and single sided swing arm were a clear departure from Kawasaki's typical beam frame construction. Rationale for the trellis is that it “provides both the strength to harness the incredible power of the supercharged engine, and balanced flex to help stability for high-speed competition riding”, ok deal.

Single seat setup, carbon fibre bodywork and two sets of aerodynamic winglets -designed to maximize cooling, reduce dragand provide a modicum of downforce to the front end- round out the visual assault. Swathed in mirror black paint, its difficult to keep ones primal lust in check.

INTERMOT brought us the debut of Kawasakis closed course weapon, its still unclear just exactly what will happen once Kawasaki drops the R from H2-R, regardless, the game is never going to be the same...
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