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What was up with Akropovic?

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Seeing the pwr/tq curve for all three bikes (See attached thumbnail - I am assuming this was provided by Kawasaki), I'm now wondering where in the world did Akropovic come up with the dyno chart they had posted on their website? I thought Akro's curve could not be right based on where their chart showed the pwr/tq at 5200 rpm.

Look at the torque curve, this is what separates this bike from the R1, Panigale the BMW, etc. As suspected the SC works to produce more HP and torque at lower rpms. This is going to make for a very fun bike to ride.

Clever of Kawasaki to use the SC to work around the "gentleman's agreement" and make a more powerful bike across the board, right up to the very end of the power and torque curve. This bike is going to be amazing!!!


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