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I used to be an active member here back in 2011 when I owned my 2010 connie. I had owned a 2008 prior to that and totaled it and decided to try a couple of other bikes in between, a 2007 VFR800 and a 2007 Triumph Sprint ST. I had the MCC cruise on the 2010 and really liked the bike, but then the Ninja 1000 came out and I thought how awesome a smaller lighter connie, So I purchased a 2010 N1K. The bike was pretty nice but the ride just did not match the Connie's even after upgrading the rear shock, plus I just couldn't get over the "Boy Racer" looks. So, on to the next one. This time I decided to try a Ducti Multistrada, so I purchased a 2013 Multistrada GT. Very awesome bike, lot's of power and torque everywhere, very light compared to the Connie and you could be a hooligan on it anytime and just loft the front wheel on demand. Still have the Strada and enjoy it very much.

Well, I have a great relationship with the GM at our local Kawi dealer and while I was there this weekend he told me he had three bikes in the demo program and he needed five people to ride and review each bike. One of them was the new Vulcan S, I figured why not its a pretty cool looking bike and I really wanted to know how it performed. So out I went on the little Vulcan S and I can truly say I enjoyed riding this remarkable little bike. It rode nice, handled really well for a cruiser and the motor was quite peppy for a 650cc engine. Highly recommend it as a starter bike or just a nice cruiser to cruise and/or commute on.

Next on the list was the new Versys 1000 so I take it out and a friend of mine takes the other bike in the demo program, you guessed it, a 2015 Concours 1400. so off we go and I find the Versys to be very comfortable and the ride is very similar to the 2010 Connie. The bars are a little wider similar to the Multistrada but the position of the hands felt awkward for some reason. The motor though it had good torque down low was a bit lackluster after owning some of the bikes I have owned. Really nice, but not tugging out me.

So, my friend and I swap bikes on the way back so he can experience the Versys and I am on the 2015 Connie. Immediately upon taking off I notice the steering feels much lighter than I remembered and I started to just do multiple turns and figure eights in the parking lot where we pulled into to swap bikes. I'm thinking to myself, Wow this feels great! And off we go some varying roads and highway 22 miles back to the dealer and the whole time I'm thinking to myself, this bike feels great, why did I get rid of the last connie. I so enjoyed the ride back, the power, the smooth motor, the excellent ride. But why was I enjoying it so much and why was I so comfortable on the Connie? And why was I enjoying it more than I recall on the 2010?

We returned to the dealership and started filling out the review forms for each bike. As I'm filling this out I'm back and fourth with my friend and the GM about how much I enjoyed riding the Connie and how I can't believe that I sold the 2010. While talking about it the GM tells me that I probably enjoyed it so much because of the changes made i.e. the narrow front saddle and the reduced friction head bearing. I can definitely say those two changes where definitely noticeable and where obvious improvements that truly increased the riding pleasure of this fine steed.

That was yesterday and for the life of me I can't get the that beautiful Green Connie out of my head. It was so much easier to ride and so much more enjoyable than the Multi. I'm really leaning toward selling the Multi and purchasing that very Connie I test rode once it comes out of the demo period (90 days). I keep thinking to myself I would miss the Hooligan that comes out in me on the Multi every now and then, but then I have been fortunate enough to be able to purchase a new 2015 H2 (which I am anxiously awaiting to take possession of to say the least). The H2 no doubt would allow me to release the inner hooligan when desired. But mainly the Connie would just meet my other needs so much better. Maybe it was the subtle changes Kawasaki made or maybe it is just that beautiful Kawasaki Green paint.

Anyone interested in a 2013 Ducati Multistrada GT with low miles?


No, seriously, let me know if you are and we'll work out a great deal!
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