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What do you think the top speed will be for the Kawasaki Ninja H2?

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Brand new engine is going to be used in the Kawasaki Ninja H2.

What do you think the top speed will be on this machine?

Will it be electronically limited?
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Tinking about the top speed of other bikes, I'm hoping that we will be able to get up to at least 200 km/h. Hopefully there won't be a limiter at all. I don't like to speed everywhere, but if I get to the track its nice to be able to really see what the Ninja H2 can do.
I'm hoping for some good low end power. As for top speed, around 140-150 or more. But i never go that fast as often so it won't matter too much to me.
Its more about acceleration than top speed for me. I figure they will limit the top speed to somewhere around 200 km/h or maybe less.
Since this is a bike i will be riding around in the city more than anything, low end performance is what will matter to me most with this. Not sure about top speed.
I'm positive Kawasaki will not violate the gentlemans agreement between the Japanese factories..

After the 1999 Hayabusa sent shockwaves by exceeding the Honda CBR1100XX's record by more than 10 mph, and rumors and leaks from Kawasaki hinted that their upcoming 2000 Ninja ZX-12R would pass the 200 mph milestone, some regulators and politicians in Europe called for an import ban against high speed motorcycles.[1] There were fears that there would be, "an outbreak of illegal racing as riders try to break the 200 mph barrier."[5][6] To preempt regulation and avoid negative publicity, the manufacturers voluntarily ended the race to ever higher speeds.[1][4]
so 186 mph/300 km/h is a good bet. Who needs more ;):D
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