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Hello there h2 owners

So im just doing a little looking around to see what places have the best quality carbon Fiber parts

Seen places where bolt holes dont line up
Seen Some where front lights dont sit nicely
Seen some where the direction isnt lined up of the carbon flow

So far only place ive only found is
Seen webike in japan but ive not see any one give any reviews on there products

Does anyone maybe have some places they can recommend im looking to change my dash sides and tank pads sides and mud guards front and back and the front headlight panel and rear tail panel

Thanks h2 fam馃挴

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I have replaced all plastics with 100% carbon fibre products from Motocomposites.
Front air intake
Dash panels
Under tank panels
Rear hugger
Socket cover
Chain guard
The finish carbon is twill weave gloss and everything fitted perfectly.
I did used a drill just to remove some resin that was in a few holes and did use a slightly larger drill than the hole just in case I did need some movement.

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Dean, when you say front air intake, is that both sides of front fairing intakes, and if so is the right side now open like the left? I've seen on Carbomoto site the option of carbon fibre open air intake on the right side along with the carbon fibre left side.
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