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Hello to all Ninjas here,

i hope this site become as powerful as the new H2 in the very near future, i joined here because i am now in a really hard battle with my self of what will be my next bike that i will keep it with me as i am tired of buying and selling in pursuit of the perfect bike, i learned that there are now perfect bike not on this world at least, and since they announced the new Ninja months ago i never thought that i will see it as my next bike but after i saw the details these days and how advanced it is i changed my mind because we are looking at the pinnacle of the highest tech available to us, the mere mortals and it is a chance that we really have to catch it and appreciate it ,

anyway i talked too much i just wanted to say hi ;)
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Welcome to the forum! I'm not sure the perfect bike really exists because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The H2 is definitely technologically advanced though. If you want to go as fast as possible then the H2 is a great choice.

^ What he said, perfect really comes down to what you want as you probably already know. With that said what would make a bike perfect for you? What are you looking for in a bike?
This is an old post and I'm not sure if it's active. I'm also new to this forum game but here goes. The are many cool bikes sitting in my shop, past projects and such. My last of ocd ( obsessive compulsive disorder) project was a zx12r in 02. If I knew how, I would post pics of it.(custom paint, lower pegs, super bike bars on custom clamps and Akra full system pipe, without pc flash. Nice Corbin seat for my cop like ride position. Rode it only 6000 miles since). Four months ago I started thinking about a turbo project for zx14 because of the great kits now available for them. I found a 2013 left over zx14r , bought it and started riding again frequently before committing to the turbo project. Then I put h2 in my iPad safari search and things got crazy. I tried to get one. Was on the waiting list to get one of the first 300 and the jumped on the second round of availability. I get mine later this moth and I am on this blog all the time. This h2 is and will be a milestone motorcycle. Forget the turbo. (The zx14 is fantistac by the way. Brock full system , filter and flash with 218 rwho on local Dyno ). All I can say is GO GREEN!
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You own multiple bikes because no one bike fits every occasion. I know not all can afford multiple bikes but then that's when you have to make the decision on what type of bike best fits your present wants and/or needs. Good luck!
The H2R certainly does look the part, and man can it go fast as well. I don't think many people are disappointed with their purchase after getting their hands on it.

Let us know when you make your decision, and let us know if you are looking into any other bikes.
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