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My dealer let me take out a Versys 1K out for a ride this week. I presently own a 2013 Multistrada GT for comparison.

The Versys is very easy to ride, the ergos are very nice and the seat is very wide and accommodating. As soon as you sit on the bike the grips are right where they feel most comfortable. I really like what Kawi is doing to their clutches to lighten the effort required to pull in the clutch lever, it is a very smooth and an easy action. All Kawis I have rode lately have really smooth and great shifting transmissions, neutral is very easy to find and there is very little "Clunking" when shifting into first.

The ride is much softer than the Multi and absorbs road imperfections very nicely. The Versys does handle well but turn in is not as crisp as the Multi. You can immediately tell that the Versys' suspension is tuned for comfort where as the Multi is more sporty. The ride reminded me very much of the 2010 Concourse I had. That bike was awesome doing the superslab and would just eat up tarmac in comfort for miles, but yet was sporty enough.

The motor is very smooth and power delivery is very linear, maybe a little too linear. Would be nice if it had a bit more punch up top. Power and weight are comparable to the 2007 VFR800 I had, but the VFR had more punch at top where the Versys has more low and mid range torque. Of course the bike only had 5 miles on it when I took it out, so I did not really get into the throttle too much. Overall good power and torque but nothing compared to the Multi.

Like I mentioned earlier the Versys is very easy to ride due to it's easy clutch, smooth motor and power delivery and great ride with easy turn in. Dare I say the ergos are better than the Multi and it is a more comfortable bike to ride.

The Multi with it's L-Twin does not like to be below 3K rpm and taking off you must be judicial with the clutch and the throttle. Part of what makes the Versys easier to ride. I must add that the Mutli's hydraulic clutch is very easy to operate as well but does not give the feedback that the cabled clutch of the Versys has to offer when leaving from a stop.

Over all I really liked the Versys and would consider replacing my Multi with it. I would very much miss the character of the Multi's motor and it's crisp handling, but seeing as how I use it for commuting and touring I might not miss it that much. The H2 would certainly fill in for those times the hooligan in me comes out.

One of the most appealing reasons for possibly replacing the Multi with the Versys is reliability and cost of ownership long term. The Multi only has about 6K miles on it and I have recently replaced the fuel sending unit under warranty and since picking it up the first ride out the fuel gauge indicates I'm out of fuel and the tank is full. Not that big a deal I can take it back but then as you follow the Ducati Forums you see a lot of little issues that crop up on the Multi's. If I have to replace the fuel sending unit again when warranty is out, cost will be about $450 with labor. Would the Versys be more reliable, I say most likely because all kawi's I have ever owned have been dead on reliable with no issues what so ever.
The side bags are bit small, should have been the exact same ones on the Ninja 1K.

Anyway food for thought.
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