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Vandemon without Tune

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So... I have a 2021 on the way and a Vandemon full system in a box. Vandemon claims that the bike will run fine without a tune, and that a tune is only required to squeeze the most out of the system.

My question is: Has anyone mounted the full Vandemon without tuning? If so, do you have any issues that would require the tune...Popping on decel, flat spots, etc.

I really only want to mount the pipes for the looks, and I’m pretty sure I will be happy with stock power. At this scale of power, I would opt for reliability and staying in warranty over massive additional power gains. I just want to know if I will NEED to tune or not.

Thanks for any input.
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Leave the tune till the warranty runs out, a blower is $7k Aust installed, a sealed unit. Tune: no power unit warranty.

Vandemon I read it's no louder than the stock system, that is just funny, with the baffle in its perfection.
To clean, 5 minutes extra time to remove it, less headers.
You get what you pay for!
Vandemon without that little baffle, snapping duck s it's mega loud, and lumpy like I added a cam.

Now with the exhaust on, I lost the Allen key bolt inside the pipe. Bugger that will cost me half and hour to remove the muffler, unless someone in perth is good at wheelies?
I'd hate to have the bolt spit out into a car windscreen
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