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Vandemon without Tune

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So... I have a 2021 on the way and a Vandemon full system in a box. Vandemon claims that the bike will run fine without a tune, and that a tune is only required to squeeze the most out of the system.

My question is: Has anyone mounted the full Vandemon without tuning? If so, do you have any issues that would require the tune...Popping on decel, flat spots, etc.

I really only want to mount the pipes for the looks, and I’m pretty sure I will be happy with stock power. At this scale of power, I would opt for reliability and staying in warranty over massive additional power gains. I just want to know if I will NEED to tune or not.

Thanks for any input.
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Hey man how's going all well?

So I also bought myself an H2 over a year ago and also wanted to change the whole exhaust system, which I also changed to full Vandemoen exhaust system. But likely when I changed it, It was popping unnormal abit, and I strongly recommend to tune it (Dyno). Since your engine will be way more healthy. If you do not tune it, the system on the engine still thinks that on how much air and fuel It has to be there before it will go out of exhaust. So I strongly recommend yoy to do that.

Hope you understood what I meant there mate. :)
Alright man, enjoy the ride and be safe!😊
Are the 21 models able to be tuned yet?
I'm pretty they can yeah
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