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Installed the Vandemon on the H2 today.

That factory suitcase on the right side is heavy. With only 1000km on the exhaust it's not full of carbon and soot, it's just bloody heavy. The factory exhaust is a monster once you have it off the bike.

Installation is pretty easy but leave yourself plenty of time as removing things like the exhaust valve are fiddly and take way more time than you expect. It might be possible to put it on by loosening the radiator and tilting it forward but I removed it, better to have it out of the way and work cleanly than bend fins and skin knuckles and swear a lot during the install.

* Packed really well, arrived fast.
* Everything numbered, obvious what goes where.
* Had a spring pulling tool included.
* It's really close to the H2R exhaust. I'll do some side by side pictures one day.
* Finish is awesome. I got raw Ti as it's going to change colour and most of it is buried anyway.
* O2 bung in factory narrow band and aftermarket wideband sizes is a really nice feature.
* Fitment was spot-on. All the bits fit like they should (not like Ikea furniture).
* STFU-baffle is a single M6 bolt to make it obnoxious or near legal. Simple!

Nothing really!

* Put some exhaust gaskets in there! Not for free, just add it to the cost. Saves waiting a week for the shop to get them in.
* There are 2 brackets without bolts. Toss in a couple of nuts and bolts to suit to save us scrounging stainless ones at the end of the job.
* Number the pipes to suit the cylinders! Pipe 2 was for cyl1, pipe 1 was cyl 2, pipe 3 and 4 were correct. Saves some head scratching.

Great exhaust, I can't see anyone ever wanting to sell it after getting one. So don't wait for a second-hand one, it won't happen!


Instead of replying in the 280hp thread...

...can we get a picture like the one that was posted showing the calipers measuring the outer diameter but this time showing the inner diameter instead? Been trying to get the inner diameter for awhile now.
Andddddd I really dont even care the number now, I am more interested as to why the ID is Delta 18 Classified. below.
OD - 48.1mm
ID - 45.5mm
Wall 1.2mm


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