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TurboSmart BOV

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Thank you to TURBO329!!!!! Awesome sir, cannot thank you enough for all the sound advice and the help with the install. I honestly have rarely met someone so enthusiastic and positive about the products and the support after the sale, you are truly a credit to this community sir!
Install went fairly smooth, I was honestly very apprehensive about tearing into my new girl. It is weird, I have worked on thousands of bikes, have no problem with everything from the bottom end up, but I was sweating and had a lot of anxiety about tearing into a mchine that has been such a life acheivement for me to own. I took the plunge, and what an absolute joy, the engineers at kawasaki outdid themselves. What a beautiful machine to work on. A place for everything and everything in its place. That being said, getting the stock bov removed and its encumbent plumbing requires a certain amount of patience. The large hose that connects under the plenum to the airbox inlet area is a monster to get at. I figured a great trick to make it easier (this process is not clearly outlined in the service manual), remove the airfilter and its housing, gently work free from the left side of the machine with that large tube already disconnected at the other end and loose, this allows access to the hose clamp attaching it with relative ease. Its oriented in the down position, indicating install was reverse of this. No way to access it otherwise. Once done, very easily buttoned back up. Bypassed the boost solenoid thingy strictly according to Nate's excellent and clear instructions, and snugged her all down. Removed the pair valve and all its garbaggio at the same time. Simply removed and left the pair controller plugged in and tucked up neat so as to avoid the code 64 (air switching valve switch OPEN). This all done, fired her up, took her out. WOW. That blow off sound has immediately become a part of the symphony that is this machines powerplant. JUST AWESOME. Every time you roll off from a moderate amount of boost... PHISHHHHH!!!! Hahahaha. Great stuff! Fun. What bikes are about, FUN! And I do like the fact that the overboost is not being rerouted to the box. Fantastic job on this piece of kit and the fact that it includes the block and clamp for the pornstar hose is excellent! KUDOS SIR!
(That second pic is the H2 crown...


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Does it ride any diff? Less snatchy with on off throttle changes?
Hey Some! Yes! Exactly, she is definitely less snatchy, and with less heated from velocity air, and no more warm air from the pair valve being re-routed to the airbox, not only is it smoother imo, the boost temps are lower by about 10 degrees it seems. I was trying to make some vids to showcase the sound, but my camera mount needs re-doing. It came loose from acceleration immediately. Gonna try make some better vids of her under way, because the sound is freakin REEDICULOUS.
When I removed the pair valve, I just unplugged and ditched the solenoid, I was immediately gonna derestrict flash her before even firing her up, and disable the engine amber light from the air switching valve being disconnected. Never got that far, my bin file definition was not yet in the database at woolich, so just temporarily waiting on getting that sorted and I will be flashing her shortly. The amber light from removing the pair is simply a warning notifying that it is unplugged. I did get some short vid (vid quality is terrible, I know, workin on a better setup, I can hear NOLA already!), at least for how she sounds though.
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Jesus, how loud is that thing ? I assume its cause your camera is so close ?
Is the novelty going to wear off and it become annoyingly loud ? Thoughts ?


P.S. Your camera needs Dilantin.
Im using a greddy RS BOV. it makes the same sound. IMO, not far off from the stock BOV vented to the atmosphere. The louder effect is probably due to a bigger diaphragm on aftermarket BOV

I find being able to hear the Vent out reassures me my SC is boosting. hahaha
At low throttle openings or just cruising its very quiet and smooth, less snatchy, and when ya get on it at all though, she does blow off with authority! I actually find myself looking forward to the little roll offs, Its just another aspect of this machine that is unique, sounds sic too. I don't think the novelty will wear off, part of the fun boost experience. Quality of the TurboSmart is excellent!
And yeah, dangit Nola, that camera mount was a little shaky, lol, I am fixing it, think I have a better one setup, trying to be careful not to scratch anything or leave marks on anything with the mount setup.
Seriously going to consider doing this mod because the one thing I really don't like about the bike is how Snatchy it is on and off the throttle very unsettled. If this helps with that it's a must
Jesus, how loud is that thing ? I assume its cause your camera is so close ?
Is the novelty going to wear off and it become annoyingly loud ? Thoughts ?


P.S. Your camera needs Dilantin.

I’m with you on that, how loud?? FFS, sounds like a 1995 impreza not for me...

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But it makes sense that the transition from on and off the throttle would smooth out (I think) lol
If it did I think it would make the bike a lot more fun to ride. That's my biggest complaint with her now that I had addressed the clutch n front master cylinder.....
But it makes sense that the transition from on and off the throttle would smooth out (I think) lol.
You're right. With the Solenoid connected to the Plenum, Throttle body, and BOV, you are dependent upon it to bleed off the boost. With the Turbosmart hooked up and routed directly to the throttle body, it bleeds every time the throttle closes regardless of what the solenoid does. If the solenoid is connected and it doesn't bleed off boost in time, the next time you crack or open the throttle you have that backed up boost which causes the abruptness.

One of the first things I noticed was how much softer it was when getting back on the throttle. It felt like I lost power actually but none of the dyno tests that we've done indicate a loss in HP related to the Turbosmart.
Im new on here.....holy f**k that is loud!! I have alot of backround in the auto industry and really astounded that you have no loss in hp! As you are venting boost that is being recirculated so you have pressure on tap/throttle sooner?!
Throttle is closed its venting the excess boost, post compression, that wouldn't be used. A lot of background in the auto industry you say ? Where would the loss of hp come from ?

My impressions are just as Turbo329 describes, I was trying to show in the vid how smooth down low she is, I only get on it a bit in a couple spots, and never more than half throttle. Very smooth down low and I sense no loss in power, I think you can see how crisply she pulls in the vid. Much less snatchy in all on/off throttle transitions, the ebc set to light is a pleasure now, very smooth, clean, light decel, no hanging throttle, no snatchy-ness. As to sound, rode her both lightly and hard through two tanks of gas now and the sound when just using light throttle applications is as quiet as the stock bov. Below 5-6000 and just usimg smooth light throttle, you cannot even hear a difference, roll into that boost though, and the comensurate roll off is much louder, of course that sound is a function of how hard you are on it and the rpm range. I love the sound, the more I ride it, the better I like it, you definitely have a clear audible indicator when you are building boost hard.
I dont understand that venting this pressure when manufacturer designed it to recirc will gain anything but noise and maybe not a loss in hp as such but throttle response yes and possible speed of boost pressure again??
Fyi "nola" i sid'nt join or comment to put down anyone or criticise. And i merely am questioning the point of this. And as for my backround i dont want to post my ressume.....but can only say yes very extensive....25 years of high performance cars/motorcycles....custom builds/magazine features and worked for specific riders and road racing teams

The postulate is that the venting external takes the previously compressed air which is obviously hotter than ambient and vents it out of the system instead of recirculating as OEM allows. No one has any real data on if it helps or not, just empirical. With your 25 years of experience you know why forced induction has issues with boost surge and the need for either bypass or recirculating.

You cant come on here and say you have a extensive performance background and that there would be a hp loss and not explain it, lol....I wanna know why bypass vs recirculating would result in a loss of power.


Any difference in the "studder" that some people have at 3-4k with this mod ?

NOLA, perhaps Brianmurphy84 is of the idea that the recirculated air is still boosting pressure? (Rather than, being open to the ram air duct, being reduced to same pressure as that air, but hotter.)


But if anything it would be a gain of HP not a loss with the change. The hot air recirculated instead of fresh ram cooler ram air.

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