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1. How will it look?
So far all we've seen was an Official Teaser from Kawasaki which gave us an idea of what to expect come September 30 at the Intermot show where the H2 will be unveiled, along with a rendering from French mag, Moto Journal. How do you think it will look? What colors would you like to see it available in? Join the discussions hyperlinked above to see more and share your thoughts!


2. Pricing?
What do you think pricing for the Ninja H2 will be like? Solid details are few, with a wealth of speculation, and a recent Insider Confirmation on Engine Information, that all help with suggesting what pricing may be like. For now, make sure to Join the Pricing Discussion HERE to see what many Ninja H2 fans have to say while we wait for official pricing information to release.


3. Insurance?
Have you started to think about what insurance will be like for you with the Ninja H2? You may want to, considering their past...

How insurance companies will deal with the H2 is paramount right now. If its a 750cc producing 1000cc plus power will it be classed as a 750cc or a 1000cc plus?

Not to mention the last time there was forced bikes they all ended up on insurance blacklists...

4. Suspension Setup?
What suspension setup are you expecting or want the H2 to come with?
Have heard very little mentioned on the H2's suspension. Going off what has been typical Kawasaki with the ZX's and Ninja 1000 we could expect to see Showa Big Piston Forks in the front, the rear is a little trickier. Something like the ZX-10's horizontal rear shock is not out of the question either...

5. Ninja H2 Video Series, Vol.8 Coming Soon...

If you've been keeping up with the Ninja H2 teaser video's Kawasaki has been releasing for some time now, you'll know, September 24th, when Vol.8 drops, is something to look forward to. But, what it will be about is the big question. Let the world know what you want to see by commenting on THIS thread
Leading up to the Ninja H2 Unveiling at Intermot, Kawasaki has been releasing a series of video's on the all-new Ninja H2. The most recent as of this posting, Ninja H2: Vol.7 Performance Key, which you can watch below along with the rest of the video's in the series.

Next up in the Ninja H2 Video Series is Vol.8, set to come out on Sept 24th.
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