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Thermoelectric Boost Cooling & Charging System

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This should eliminate any requirement for water mist injection.Thermoelectric_Boost_Cooling_&_Charging_System.pdf
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4 x Voltage Boosters
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Installing the TECs to Extreme Creations external air to water intercooler;
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Hi, read the article and seems interesting. Trying to understand more.
The intercooler already lowers the temperature, but what additionally does the thermoelectric do?

Uses the heat from exhaust to produce voltage for the batts?
The TECs (Thermoelectric Cooling devices) peltier modules are fitted to further lower the temp another 5 degrees C.
The TEGs (Thermoelectric Generators) peltier modules produce DC power to feed into the 2 x Batteries wired in parallel.
The extra power generated is used to feed into the TECs mounted to the downstream end of the external air to water intercooler when the rpm exceeds 4,000rpm. I set the external air to water cooler up with different TECs starting with lowerage amperage draw & only 2 x TECs, then on 3rd prototype increased to 4 TECs for maximum amperage draw.
Have attached 1 pdf of TECs I ended up using & 1 pdf of TEGs used on exhaust.
Now, no need, even if I did need it for Water/Methanol mist injection & works all day with no need to recharge batteries.
I initially thought about patenting, however, all required components are commercially available.


If i understand this correctly (give me some rope), the heat from the exhaust is used to generate power and is stored in the batts, and at 4krpm its discharged to produce extra cooling to the intercooler radiator thus lowering the air temps by another 5c?

Can this be done at the tank base to lower fuel temps?
1) Your "understanding" is correct, however, removes heat from "external air to water intercooler".
2) No. ,,,, only trying to remove heat from compressed boost charge air from inside plenum chamber.
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