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Going to The Bend track (Tailem Bend South Australia) on Saturday.

This will be a data gathering time for me as I have just got Joel, (who has done all the online videos with Woolich Tuning but now runs solo), put on the wideband Zeitronic tool and autologger. This is after I have installed H2R cams.

Had a pre-track dyno done locally on a dyno that is known to read low-ish - got 233rwhp, and showed an absolutely crap mapping done at the shop I bought the bike from (woolich autotuned). Joel has had to redo a few bikes from that shop as they don't know the finer intricacies of the woolich tuning system.

Joel has put in a preliminary map before the ride day and I will be able to log how it goes, then later back onto the dyno for a full day with him fine tuning the mapping/fuelling and all things ecu.

First time for me at The Bend so should be good!

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