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Single Sided Swing Arm?

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All the rage on top spec super bikes, do we think H2 Could make use of one? MCN does...

More than one of the patent images filed by Kawasaki has shown the bike with a single-sided swingarm – not something the firm is known for, but a styling element that’s become synonymous with high-end machines ever since it was adopted by the Honda NR750 and NC30, as well as decades of Ducatis.
I see no benefit personally, the torsional differences on a SSS will likely be exacerbated by power/torque...
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Indeed, I just thought its become wildly accepted that SSS are more show than LETS GO! I mean Ducati even dropped it on the new Panner (899)
I guess no extended swing arm option! Shame with all that power!
Its cool to see the bike without all the body work. And I also think that the single swing arm looks good, but doesn't a single swing are make the bike a bit less stable and prone to speed wobble?
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