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Hey guys decide to install the healtech shift light pro, since during the day is hard to tell when to shift on my 2016 model while doing some smackdown. Countless time hit the rev limiter frustrated specially with a stock exhaust. First time I see the light in action it was on 650ib videos on his ninja h2.
I took some picture of where to tap the wires into.
All you need to remove to get to the wires are the dash cover and the small fairing attach to the tank.

There is a fuse box there that is removable for easy access to power lead wires. Connected the red wire into the small SD brown wire for the power.
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Then installed the Ground cable to the black and yellow cable to the right turn signal.
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Finally the signal wire for the SLP connected to the crankshaft sensor cable.
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This cable is on the right hand side of the frame easy to spot. Tap into the yellow wire for signal.

I hope this help some of the guys that want to do it themselves.
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