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RPM's Example Video-Shows we will have more

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This video was released on Jan 19th. I don't believe it was posted earlier but if it was, let me know and I will delete this thread...

We have had many threads and discussions about restrictions and possibilities of more HP on this bike. Some people (including myself) were underwhelmed and negative about the power given on a SC bike which it first was announced..

But, after seeing the extra 2500-3000 rpms just waiting to be released, we know that this bike will be something special!! While I always knew that there is more in this bike, sometimes seeing is needed in order to believe..
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mhmmm, mhmmm, we know about the 'restrictions... There seems to be two schools of thought, fuckit im flashing it anyways, and WTF its a new bike... ;)
I'm confused how this shows extra power available, maybe I'm missing something With the restrictions the bike will still run to redline but it'll just stop making power at 10500 rpm or so not the 13500 redline. My 10r is still restricted and it makes peak hp at like 11k rpm so there is no point in reving it any higher, just grab another gear and go.
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