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Rotobox Bullet rims

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Anyone have an opinion on the Rotobox Bullet rims on the H2?
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I know, I spoke with Romain.
What's great is that they develop absolutely the entire collection of parts that can be made in titanium for our H2s, those that don't exist elsewhere with an excellent quality finish. I
have already acquired four of the kits and the little touch of green on the carbon is magnificent. After if you don't like green.
you can always de-anodize them. this is done without difficulty on titanium, it is not aluminum.
How do u de anodize? Limited resources in my location
Two possibilities :
electrolytic bath sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid... reverse the polarities to eat the titanium oxide then polishing (Dremel + polishing paste)
Fine corundum bead blasting, then polishing (Dremel + polishing paste)
Few means, a little free time, and the will to do it!
Another option is Probolt Titanium bolts/nuts. Not in the same design as above but an option anyway if you want uncoloured. Would just have to measure oem and get similar in titanium.
Except that they don't exist at Probolt !
These are M12 x 1.25 x 45 and Probolt only produces M12 x 1.25 x 40 CHC heads, so 5mm of thread is missing compared to the OEM bolts.
not good for a safety part screwed in aluminum.
For rear wheel nuts. there is no equivalent in titanium at Probolt, in cap nut M12 x 1.25
No problem H2015 !
I had already looked at Probolt and the others, but nothing! I am happy to have found GreenParts
Because, for years, I've been looking for anything that can lighten the H2, especially the rear. With a super massive single arm and the delirious fixing method of the rear wheel, we are very far from the Italians, en masse unsuspended.
the Rotobox have brought a marked improvement, but there is still a lot of work to do.
And the tire in 200 does not help with the 190 it is still a progress.
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