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Removing tank protector

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Got a 2015 H2, and the previous owner had a tank protector. I’d like to remove the tank protector as I don’t like it. Any idea if this can be done safely, or am I best to leave it on as the paint is very delicate. A protector like this…


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Just use a hair drier on low to medium heat setting, and low to medium speed. Move it around over the tank pad, not just in one area. After a few minutes gently pick on one edge of the pad and slowly peel it back. Keep the hair drier working if needed, but usually it should be warm enough after a few minutes. Once the pad is off remove any gum residue (I've used WD40 with fairly good results in the past). Hope this helps.

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WD40 is safe on the tank, just be sure you clean it well afterwards to remove, not that it will damage the paintwork, but just so it's clean. It is predominantly a lubricant but can work well on removing gum etc. If no luck then a decent wash with appropriate detergent etc.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts