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No commercial posts, advertisements will be deleted. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Members must have 5 posts in order to create a new thread in the Classifieds forum. Please don't start bitching if you make post #5 and a minute later post #6 won't show up in the classifieds. The data base needs to update and "promote" your status, this should happen about once an hour.

Please have an asking price listed in your ad, do not put the price in your thread title as this will prevent you from changing it later if need be. Or Best Offer is fine as long as you have a price listed. Any auction type posts will be removed.

Feeler: threads (a thread created for the purpose of checking interest in a sale) are allowed but not encouraged. Keep these types of threads short and simple. staff will not tolerate negative, rude or off subject comments posted in members For Sale threads. These types of posts will be removed and the members that made the posts will be warned and possibly banned for continued abuse. If you suspect a fraudulent For Sale posting or any other suspicious activity please report the post and a moderator or administrator will look into the matter.

Please limit *bumping* your own thread to a maximum of once a day. assumes no responsibility for any bad deals. Buy/trade/sell at your own risk!!!!

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