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I am trying to figure out what the best thing to use on the self-repairing “highly durable” (cough, cough) paint. So far, Kawasaki CS has shut down everything I’ve asked about including: PPF, BugSilde, FW1, Carnauba wax, ceramic coating, quick ceramic Detailers, and everything else other then “mild soap” and water. They cite not having the details of the ingredients as the reason they say “do not recommend using”. Big time CYA.
I typically use PPF on my bikes (I am an installer), but I had an issue with my 2021 where the clear pulled off with the PPF as I was repositioning uncured wrap. So, I won’t try that again. Had the nose cone replaced under warranty. That’s when I contacted Kawi CS to ask about what I could use safely. Apparently, they care more about covering their asses then about informing their customers on how to properly care for their products.

IMO the “highly durable” description of this shit is a Kawasaki Heavy Industries inside joke.

Anyway, I am trying to find products that I can feel good (safe) about using.

Could owners please list the products they use, the year of the bike, and how long they have been using the products?

I thought the is could be a good centrally located thread for waxes, polishes, and cleaners.


2021 H2 (base model)
Used Bugslide and FW1 with no obvious issues… careful to only put it on a microfiber and not spray all over the bike. So, on with one rag, off with another.
I’ve only been using them since May.

Major PPF failure (Xpel Ultimate-professionally installed)-pulled top coat off

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2015 (bought new in 2017)
Expel Ultimate PPF to all plastics 1 month after purchase
1. Spray with water
2, Wash with mild detergent in warm/hot water using soft padded wash sponge
3. Rinse off as I go
4. Run bike to help dry off
5. Chamois to dry and then clean soft lint free cloth.
I have never used any form of polish yet, I know some will baulk at me using mild detergent but has worked well over many years with this bike and previous bikes. No obvious damage to paint or clear coat.
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