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parts diagram

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if somebody needs an parts diagram of the new ninja h2

just ask what you want :)

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I need the first page, the last page and all the pages in between!
haha yes i can imagine that :d

if you need an specific page i can help you with that

if somebody needs a diagram just send me your email and i take care of it :)

friendly greetings
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Hello im a new member, just purchased an h2 2016 model, can you send me the diagram of the front left fork? Apparently mine has an oil leak
Also if you have the page on how to replace the fork oil seal
On a 2016 bike? Why on earth not take the bike to the dealer and tell them to fix it? That's what warranties are for!
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There is an inspection process that needs to be followed as well. Oil film is normal and replacing the fork or seal will not resolve this condition. The manual defines a leak and film residue differently. Take it to a dealer as it is likely normal.
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