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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I have an H2 on order from Coleman Powersports in VA.

I have a long history with Kawasaki's and big HP bikes. Learned to ride on a roached out 77 KZ650 in the late eighties, graduated to Z1s and KZ900s, moved on to ZRX1200 (making about 170HP at the tire) and then have dabbled in lots of other brands as well. Currently have a fleet of vintage stuff which mostly runs, a Ducati 1098, the ZRX1200 and few other things floating around.

Can't wait to add the H2 to the stable!
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WELCOME,,,, VA is Vancouver I guess????? How did you get the extra ponies out the ZRX12 please?

A roach in England is the piece of cardboard you put in the end of a Dooby...

As a quick guide Gulh is the Dogs Danglies (Bo**cks) ( massive compliment in the uk) at Ecu reflashing. Ridgeracer works for him . There are lots of other cool genuine people on here that are eagerly awaiting delivery. I'm sure that h2rcx character is a bit crazy.
Forgot this is an international board! Va is Virginia in the USA! Washington DC Area of Virginia to be exact!

My ZRX1200 had everything you could throw at one pretty much. It is called THE BEAST over on the the board.

WebCamshafts Road Race grind cams
1224 Big Bore Kit
Double Valve Springs, titanium keepers
Hand Ported heads
Lightened/Balanced crank
Six Speed tranny
Full Ti Exhaust
Ohlins in the back
Revalved, and sprung forks in the front
FCR41 Sidedraft Carbs
milled block
thin head gasket
Petal Rotors, and 4 Pot calipers
CF undertail

It's a great bike, and looks like an old ELR while still having lots of get up and go!
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Welcome to the forum!
Did you by any chance find out how many other ordered H2's your dealer is getting?
Cheers for that,,,, zzr1100's have a huge place in my heart. Its a shame Kawasaki never made a zx12r engine based zrx. I'm sure it would have taken a lot of sales away from the xjr1300 Yam which has a strong following.
Welcome and that is nice stable of bikes you have there.
Welcome to the show, good crowd here, bit the best of possible ways...;)
Very nice to have you here. I'm interested in seeing some of your vintage bikes. Maybe you can post up some pictures.

Any idea when your H2 is going to come in?
that's quite the rap sheet of bikes you've had, good to see we have a true kawi loyalist on board... welcome :D
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