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As some of you know the H2R made its way to the Toronto Motorcycle show with no H2 in sight, considering the importance of the show and the Canadian market, seeing both or at least the H2 was expected.

Fortunately, how the H2R was displayed, it was easy to get right up to it, within inches although there was a barrier, making for a great photo opportunity which some photographers took advantage of. While pictures of it online were great, especially all the detail shots, in person after getting a complete look at it you get an even clearer sense of the epicness going on here! The prototype-like things going on such as it’s carbon wings and fairings, slicks, and no signals help to establish that ;) Overall, a great opportunity not to be missed!

Lots of older guys were checking it out, not as much of a younger crowd as I though that would be around it at the time.

Did anyone else here make it to the Toronto show?



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Yes, I saw it there, and took a close look at it.

There was an older chap hanging around there, who has both an H2 and H2R on order ... evidently with wife's approval, because she was there, too.

I suspect that this bike appeals to an older demographic who are more likely to have a few spare loonies to spend (and the demographics thread on this forum seems to support that). The younger folks can't afford it, the spec sheet racers were quick to seize on the weight figure and dismiss it strictly on that account or see the peak HP figure and dismiss it because "the S1000RR makes just as much", etc. And plenty of people dismiss it because it doesn't look like a gixxer or an R1. Doesn't take much poking around on facebook to see evidence of all of this ...

I've been around long enough to understand the significance of this beast.

Now if only this snow would go away in time for the bike to show up.
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