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Ninja H2 will cost twice as much in India as it does in the US

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The Kawasaki Ninja H2 will be sold in India, but it is going to cost about twice the price it does in other markets. The price increase is largely due to import tariffs that Kawasaki is unable to bypass by moving production to India because the H2 production process is pretty complex and involved.

When all is said and done, the Ninja H2 will be selling for just above $51,000. That is more than twice the price of the H2 in the US. It's funny because for that price in the US you could get the H2R.

Now that's pricey!

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Goes to India, Price Doubles - autoevolution
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In March 2015 , I'm going in INdia on vaccation. I'll take street's photos :)
I would seriously reconsider going to India.
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I will only drive an original military spec. HUMMER thru India, just like
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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