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Ninja H2: Vol.6 Performance Sensation: H2

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Inspiration from a Kawasaki Legend

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There's another quick tease in that video..
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That video really makes you wonder if Kawasaki has in fact built themselves a new 750cc Triple? I mean the rhetoric seems to fit and the tie in is blatant.

Unless its just a 750cc supercharged Inline 4 which could save costs. However Kawasaki does not have a 750cc Inline 4 in their lineup right now, so either its a ground up new engine (which then means a triple could be in the cards regardless because a new project is anew project right) or its a bored and stroked ZX-6R?

I'm of the opinion that the Ninja H2 will end up getting a 750cc inline 4. It's hard to say for sure at this point but that seems to be where the info and rumors are pointing to.
There's another quick tease in that video..
playing around with the brightness and contrast setting on photoshop should be able to help us see more of it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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