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Ninja H2 Suspension Speculations

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Have heard very little mentioned on the H2's suspension. Going off what has been typical Kawasaki with the ZX's and Ninja 1000 we could expect to see Showa Big Piston Forks in the front, the rear is a little trickier. Something like the ZX-10's horizontal rear shock is not out of the question either...
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I hope that does in fact happen.
How much longer do you think it will be before we hear some more solid info? I'm hoping there's a chance Kawi will reveal more details before it's debut.
I wonder if we could see the H2 make use of dynamic dampening control, something like BMW has in the HP4? Bike with this much power needs the suspension capability to match...
I just hope that they do a good job with the suspension so that the Ninja H2 doesn't vibrate so much that it is uncomfortable to ride. It would be cool if there were multiple driving modes with different suspension settings for each one.
vibrations wont come from your suspension, and if they are you better stop riding ;):D
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