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Ninja H2 Ram-Air?

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I'm hoping someone more familiar with Kawasaki products will be able to answer...

Based around the same 998cc supercharged inline-four engine, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 makes an astonishing 207 hp with ram air, 197hp without. For reference, the Ninja H2R makes 305hp, without ram-air.
I understand how Ram-Air systems work, but I don't understand Kawasaki and Ram-Air. I've heard it mentioned before in the context of ZX-14 but I've been unable to find anything specific from Kawasaki.

Does Kawa sell their own proprietary system or is it just a generic "you can gain 10 hp by ram charging our products, go NUTS"???

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To my understanding, what Kawasaki is trying to say that with out Ram-Air the bike will make 197, but if you force the bike against air as you ride more air will go in to it, and as more air goes into it, you will make more HP. Now I was told that the H2 will be way more than 207 HP, why? California mission by law, you cannot have more than 200hp in the USA, now if you reflash the ECU and change the gearing on the H2, from to 18 front 44 rear to 18 front 42 rear, then my friend we talking about big numbers Top end speed.
"Ram Air" is meaningless in a forced induction engine.
Just give the blower air and let the impeller do it's job.

Power on this bike will be based on how much CFM the blower flows.
Obviously, octane/intake temps will affect tuning/power as well.
But, how much air the blower moves determines the power the engine will make.

2 things are going to be VERY interesting:

1. How easy it will be to get more air into the cylinder. (just a tune, bypas valve mod, or if drive changes need to be made)

2. What intake temps will be like, especially without intercooling.
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