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Ninja H2 Owners Pose with Rickey Gadson in NYC

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Two of the first Ninja H2 owners in the United States took time out of their busy schedules to meet and pose with none other than legendary drag racer Rickey Gadson himself at the NYC Motorcycle Show. One of them may even be a member on this very site.

Note Gadson's signature on the commemorative book, how many of you can claim that ;)
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I didn't even know there was a commemorative book, if I don't get offered one by Kawasaki I will be quite substantially disappointed.
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Klotzo is correct and according to my dealer everyone that purchases an H2 or H2R will get this packet.
I sure hope so, I still cannot believe they didn't have ANYTHING AT ALL for me when I put down the deposit.

You can say anything you want about Ducati's prices, but on their high-end bikes they give you a set of items that makes you feel even more like you have purchased something special...
I think that this type of product is beyond the marketing/PR of the Japanese companies.

Please don't anyone take this the wrong way.

What I mean is that the Euro manufacturers could never compete on price so they've always offered swag or service or image to help 'cover' the disparity in MSRP. No one needs a Panigale over a ZX10, no one needs an S1000 over an R1. They need to cover the difference in price because performance wise your gains are marginal, you need to be rewarded for spending the extra dollars.

In that sense I do believe Kawasaki is out of their element, but really, if you're going to be bad at something, i'd rather you fumble the after sale PR then fumble before the sale screw the bolts in.... :D
I am completely with you here :)
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