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@GoFaster provided the spark in another thread... what is the average age, are we a relatively homogeneous group in terms of age, family and work?

I'll start...

2 Kiddies
Imported American in the UK

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and tragic clichés....
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Owner of a fork lift service company
Live in Québec, Canada
2 kids (13 and 17)
Love to ride on two wheel on and off road and go camping with my family and friend and my bikes naturaly.
work in motorcycle retail
Married, no children, 5 cats
Live in Jersey, UK
Hobbies outside bikes - nothing really ! But enjoy travelling and seeing the world by bike
49 - small business owner/operator
2 grown kids w/four grandkids
Hobbies are anything with wheels and a motor.
Love to travel and vacation with wife, kids and grandkids.
51 computer admin with automotive and aircraft engineering bacground
1 son
Sunny Arizona :)
Hobby is converting refined fossil fuels into adrenaline using any sort of contraption that's capable. I especially enjoy acceleration G's
40, coal miner
four kids
from British Columbia, Canada
I collect firearms and knives as well.
38, Toronto
IT professional
@45moe - what kind of knives do you collect? I am curious to know more.
31, California bay area. No kids, single. Engineer.
45, Arizona, Math Geek, Divorced, 2 children 27+ years old
college student

24, no kids no wife, veteran, College student Illinois
48 yrs old, 3 kids 32, 30, 22. 2 grandsons 12 and 5 yrs old. 3 cats

Love and live for good design. Travel logistics, travelling and Kawasaki's are my hobbies.

Specializing in timber ( classically trained Fine Furniture crafts ) Though like working with all materials. Looking forward to making carbon bits for H2. I do all car and bike maintenance myself.

Favorite Aircraft Mosquito and Lancaster. Don't do boats, Favourite car 1960's Alfa Romeo TZ.

Current drive 3.0 Subaru Legacy, Head and shoulders above anything BMW and Audi. Big fan of Boxer engines and have had loads of Alfas but never liked Porsches.
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55, Technician, 1 - 19 yr old, anything that makes smoke & noise (except Compressor Davidsons).
61...retail clerk...single,no kids...hobbies...motorcycling on my beloved flashed and piped zx14R(2013 ABS) and soon my beautiful H2.
43, Married for 22yrs, 2 Kids: 21yrs and 10yrs old, dealership owner

"If it has a motor and you can drive it, I would like to try it"
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High performance computing and engineering simulation researcher.
57, bank manager, married, 2 daughters 17 and 14, living in Cannes (french Riviera) and ridind all around on my zzr performance sport ( Akrapovic + Ohlins ) with some others crazy guys expecting my 2016 H2 (not sold in France in 2015).
72 Years Young
CPA/Internet Seller(Auto & Motorcycle books)
5 Children age 20-47-Married twice- 28 years to current wife-17 years to former Cars & Cars & Motorcycles are my passion.
36 years old
Nuclear Reactor Operator. 6 years in the US Navy, 8 years of commercial operation. No, I don't glow in the dark.
Married with step-daughter (18), step-son (12), and my two sons (2 years old and 4 months old!)
The wife gets a little jealous of the other 9 ladies in the garage from time to time but I'm fortunate that she is understanding and tolerant.
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47 yo Aussie(Melbourne)
Motor Mechanic/Vehicle Processor
Single,no kids,1 Dog
My baby is my Gen 3 ZX-10R,soon to have a big brother H2
Interests:bikes,cars,golf,women,beer and bourbon,not necessarily in that order.
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