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Hi, I just bought a ninja H2 2019 but the speedometer/cluster doesn’t work and it’s cracked so where can I buy it used or new if you can help me I’d much appreciate it. View attachment 26832
Made In Japan. Just go to Webike
Get a record of the Ron Ayers part# 1st
If your from US you may as well buy from Ron Ayers.
Whilst you are doing that work you'll maybe want to fit a Woolich Racing Tuning Harness, Fit a set of H2R Cams in it & bung 3 xtra headgaskets on it.
Just buy a H2R Map off Woolich & cut n paste the Electronic Throttle Valve Settings in to your H2 ETV Maps in each gear. The AutoTune is good, Don't blow it up.
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