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Hello. A short intro, I'm from MI and have a '12 zx14r.

I have to say I am a little disappointed in the announcement of the H2, a replacement for the king of the hill already (my bike). I had looked forward to being top dog in the Kawasaki stable for at least a little while. Until a new zx14/15 or whatever was announced. Which was hopefully when mine was paid off in a few years, lol.

At least from the quick glimpses we have gotten, I'm not so jealous. I cant live with a zx10r sized package, the ergo's just wont work for me. So, I guess if I need to make up any differences with my bike and a ninja H2, Ill just turbo mine. Or maybe with the technology this bike brings, Kawasaki will do it for me when the next gen Hyperbike is announced.

Until then, Ill still enjoy seeing where this new high tech age of motorcycles leads us. And someday, I think there will even be a real case to be made for an electric bike. Compared to the current electric bikes I think well see decent range, fast charging, lighter weights, and most importantly.... realistic prices. I'd have no problem with a hyperbike with instant power/tq, a 200+ mile range, and sub 20K prices.

Ride safe out there guys. I had two close calls out there this weekend, when I was just "cruising" home.
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Welcome to the forum!

You think that you are going to trade in your current ride to upgrade to the Ninja H2 when it comes out?
No. If I could live with the ergonomics of a superbike size machine, I would have likely bought a zx10r in the first place. I need the comfort of a zx14 size bike.

I was just saying its slightly disappointing that kawi is already coming out with a new "king of the hill".

If it turns out that the H2 is superior to mine in acceleration performance, and based on probable power to weight numbers - it will be; I can always turbo my bike for less than the cost of trading mine in. I think. lol. 5-6 psi on mine would be = to around 260/270 rwhp.

That should be enough to keep those pesky H2's at bay. :) . Unless they are easily upgraded to the race version numbers (rumored 307?).

Hopefully, what will happen is that the trickle down effect of this factory supercharged bike is the next gen zx14r/15 (whatever the name is) will get = performance upgrades and a blower from the factory. A TRUE factory supercharged hyperbike WILL be worth trading in for.
Fair point rod, however I just don't think you'll ever be able to achieve anywhere near H2 performance with a blown zx14, no matter how much power you have. Simply comes down to electronics, which realistically are what will be the star of the H2. I know everyone is hard for the super 1000, but thats secondary, whats impressive is the electronics that make all that semi manageable.

I know people hate the electronics in modern GP riding, me too (to a degree), but I don't care how good marquez is I don't want to see the consequences of him trying to tame a 245 hp RCV1000R and I dont think any of us do.

In dogfight its going to be the electronics that play the difference. Of course if you're talking a straight line none of this matters...
welcome to the forum @rod442
how did you manage to find this forum?
I want to say I found the forum when I was google searching for more up to date H2 info.
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Nice, that's also how I came across the forum back when I originally found out about the H2.
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