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Dear All

I am a new member here and have had my H2 for just 5/6 weeks and in that time have riden nearly 2000 miles and was a guest at Assen of Kawasaki UK where 25 other H2's gathered.
Previously I raced Aston Martins and nothing can quite prepare you for the H2 and its mind blowing speed.
I have read with great interest the H2R exhaust and have decided to commission a replica exhaust system to match the H2R through my contacts in teh Racing world and wondered who else would like to have one built as the guys in Malaysia don't want to respond and in truth although nice, its not as nice as the H2R pipe and mine will be.
Price will be around £1000 and all that we are hoping you have to do is cut the straight pipe and fit a tiny bracket to take the spring fixing.
I will keep you posted.

Best regards

Andy Jenkinson
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