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I've been riding since 1971 except for a few years off to burn an enormous amount of gas in fast boats. I roadraced bikes at an amateur level for a few years in the early '80s. I just turned 65 years old and am still a card carrying speed freak.

I joined the forum as I may be interested in the H2 SX to replace my S1000R. It's over two years old now and racking up a lot of miles. I general keep bikes no more than three years and would like to be out of it by next summer.

I have three bikes now - see sig. I ride with a friend every Saturday year around, typically about 350 miles and I ride early every Sunday morning before my wife knows I'm gone, usually a 150 mile coffee run and I'm home by 10:00. My friend and I also do a trip to either the Rockies or Smokeys every year which is generally 3500 - 4000 miles in eight days.

I'm anxious to learn about experience with the supercharged Kawasakis. BTW, I traded a Ninja 1000 on my S1000R, and had a Concours 14 that got replaced by the 1600 GT (actually on my second 1600 now). I'm also a huge car nut!
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