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I'm still waiting for all the knowledgeable Ninja Engineers to answer my question on injector flow rates.
Was told a lot of yanks fried their motors using the 50/50 injector settings in tuning software cause the upper & lower injectors have different flow rates, so, here's an introduction, and hopefully, I won't suffer a "Lean Out".
I was born over 60 years ago. My father & 2 uncles used to ride on the Globe Of Death.
We all would of lost The Battle Of Britain if not for my uncle designing a carburetor that worked upside down. The German Aircraft could pull out of a dive, but not the Pommy ones, until my uncle showed the Poms how to make their carburetors.

...,,,, & here is my old man;

I live in country outside of Australia as I have a severe dislike for Australian Politicians & hate the ATO.
I used to be a Marine Engineer / Pelagic Longline Fishing Master / & Oilfied Saturation Diver since 78, then I got wiped out by a drunk woman driver, & everything came to a grinding halt.
I've been stuck in AU since Feb 2020 & can not travel & go back to my family due to the Communist Chinese Biological Weapon that escaped from a lab in Wuhan. I don't really like Adolf Hitler Mk II who is running that country who has totally ignored the International Law Of The Sea Convention that stipulates 200 NM Exclusive Economic Zones / Fishing Zones & to top it off, just do a search on "China's Hidden Camps".

After I got stuck here, & after a few Hayabusas ( I'll never sell the 1580 Stroker which runs better than a swiss clock),
decided to buy a Ninja, run it in for 1300 klms, & now I'm doing a job on it. Upping the boost 18% and cooling the boost charge pressure. Here's the before & almost after pics. Almost finished.


Almost There-004.jpg




I'm leaving the OME exhaust stack on with the cat, should make a great highway tourer, if it doesn't blow up, mind you, even the stock bike rides better than a previous 300 HP Turbo Busa I once owned.
Stay safe & watch out for drunk drivers.
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