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New Auzzie H2 SX SE+ Owner

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I'm still waiting for all the knowledgeable Ninja Engineers to answer my question on injector flow rates.
Was told a lot of yanks fried their motors using the 50/50 injector settings in tuning software cause the upper & lower injectors have different flow rates, so, here's an introduction, and hopefully, I won't suffer a "Lean Out".
I was born over 60 years ago. My father & 2 uncles used to ride on the Globe Of Death.
We all would of lost The Battle Of Britain if not for my uncle designing a carburetor that worked upside down. The German Aircraft could pull out of a dive, but not the Pommy ones, until my uncle showed the Poms how to make their carburetors.

...,,,, & here is my old man;

I live in country outside of Australia as I have a severe dislike for Australian Politicians & hate the ATO.
I used to be a Marine Engineer / Pelagic Longline Fishing Master / & Oilfied Saturation Diver since 78, then I got wiped out by a drunk woman driver, & everything came to a grinding halt.
I've been stuck in AU since Feb 2020 & can not travel & go back to my family due to the Communist Chinese Biological Weapon that escaped from a lab in Wuhan. I don't really like Adolf Hitler Mk II who is running that country who has totally ignored the International Law Of The Sea Convention that stipulates 200 NM Exclusive Economic Zones / Fishing Zones & to top it off, just do a search on "China's Hidden Camps".

After I got stuck here, & after a few Hayabusas ( I'll never sell the 1580 Stroker which runs better than a swiss clock),
decided to buy a Ninja, run it in for 1300 klms, & now I'm doing a job on it. Upping the boost 18% and cooling the boost charge pressure. Here's the before & almost after pics. Almost finished.


Auto part Engine Vehicle Automotive engine part Automotive exterior




I'm leaving the OME exhaust stack on with the cat, should make a great highway tourer, if it doesn't blow up, mind you, even the stock bike rides better than a previous 300 HP Turbo Busa I once owned.
Stay safe & watch out for drunk drivers.
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Okay.So what's clicking the boxes for you with the H2SE?My friend recently got one.He said it rides'kinda' like a 14r.Said the elctronic suspension works well.His is all stock except for an Akra muffler.It still screams pretty good.We rode on my 2015 H2,him on his new bike.We chatted a bit during the ride and he said 'you should get one'.
He also said when we refueled at the destination that he had approx 110 miles range left.I was reading 2.9 gals used on mine.That means about one usable gallon left.BIG difference.Also he was rolling most of the ride at 95-100mph.I was rollin at between 80 and 95 or so most of the ride.I know his tank is bigger.But that's good mileage for basically the same engine.The manual for mine claims 4.5 gallon tank.That's physically right.But real world riding...?It will stop running at 3.9.I know.I did it twice already.Kinda disappointing actually when there's a half gallon in there ya can't use.And I don't ride any short rides.
What do you think?Should I make a switch?
I really love my H2...But a bike with clearly similar performance and more rider amenties(and bigger tank!)sounds pretty tempting.
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Yes, make the switch. Well worth it A Ninja H2 15-17 / 41 tooth rear sprocket may improve the fuel range a bit. Fitted OK on the 2019 H2 SX SE+
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Been a while.I did get a 2020H2SE+.I love this thing.VERY nice ride and strong as an ox.
Question...where did you get your steering damper and mounting hardware?Thanks.I've made the right choice in bikes.Miles ahead of anything I've had.
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Yeah, goes like a rocket n rides like a Rolls Royce.

Ohlins Universal Steering Damper 68mm #SD 001
from MC Powersports -Ebay USA

Woodstock Steering Damper

I should warn you, when fitted, the stand off that comes off the front fork could do with being about 5mm longer.
When sitting on the bike with the handlebars positioned straight ahead, no matter how you fit the Ohlins, the Ohlins apear a bit scewif & not 100% parallel to the handlebars, but they do what they are meant to do.
The Puig Dark Smoke Racing Screen is a better option. A little higher than OEM.
The Puig Wings / Spoilers are on the way
Got the +18% Boost Pressure Temperature from 15 to 20 degrees above Ambient Temp.
Now making improvements to Boost Cooling System, Increasing Boost More.too.
I may have to change the Compression Ratio to 10:1:devilish:


2 x 12046 SPROCKET,32T, 12046-0582

4 x 92153A BOLT,FLANGED,6X8, 92153-0455

1 x 49118 CAMSHAFT-COMP,INTAKE, 49118-0819

1 x 49118A CAMSHAFT-COMP,EXHAUST, 49118-0820


4 x 11004 GASKET-HEAD 11004-0754

I would prefer a single Cometic Head Gasket.

After looking at the part numbers, the H2R has different pistons.
I would say that is a lot of the 8.5:1 CR compared to the H2 SX SE.
I don't suppose you'd know where I could find some Dome CC n Deckheight numbers for the H2 SX SE,?
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