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Hi guys. I am a newbie to this forum and to Kawasaki. All my previous bikes were bmw. I bought a new k1600gt sport in February. Before that I owned the k1200s and k1300s. Biggest mistake was the 1600. BMW should advertise that as a touring bike and not sport touring.
Anyway I managed to get out of the bike and I proudly took delivery of the first H2 SX SE on Saturday. I only rode about a 100km but all I can say is WOW, what a machine.
I put the bike in M power mode and traction control on 2 cause I was not sure what to expect. (There are no bikes to test ride). The bike is the smoothest I have ridden. I love all the tech bits this bike has to offer. I am suppose to be running it in but I took one corner so quick, I never felt it. My friend that rode behind me later told me that I took that corner at 180kph.
It seems so easy to lean the bike and straighten it up again. I also found the quickshifter very very smooth compared to bmw system.
Maybe the 80+ kg weight saving compared to my previous bike is making this seem so easy to ride.
I was also very impressed with the wind protection the H2 has.
I have to do a pipe, bike is way to quite.
Suggestions and reasons will be appreciated.
Anyway here are some pics. Enjoy
Love from Johannesburg.

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