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MotoGP Gearbox?

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Not quite but just about...

Kevin Cameron, Cycle World:

The transmission is “very similar” to one Kawasaki used in MotoGP. In this “dog-ring” design, instead of the gears themselves being slid back or forth along splined shafts by the shift forks, all engagement is accomplished by moving narrow, light dog-rings instead. All the gears on the input shaft are fixed. All the gears on the output shaft spin on needle bearings. Between each of the three pairs of output shaft gears are dog-rings, splined to the shaft and carrying engaging dogs on both faces to match dogs on the gears they face. Each of the six gear meshes has its own oil jet, and each of three shift forks has two such jets. That’s a lot of oil jets (these 12, plus eight in the crankcase, and more lubing the supercharger drive), so this engine has a much higher oil flow rate than other bikes. Oil cooling is via an oil-to-water heat exchanger. A submerged pump takes oil from a deep, aeration-preventing superbike-style dagger sump on the left underside of the crankcase.

The shift linkage carries a potenti*ometer-type shifter switch that unloads the gears by briefly cutting the power before the shift puts pressure on a shifter fork.
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