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2012 Ninja 1000, those pilot power 3's changed the game. Huge fan. I must have bought nearly a dozen throughout that 90,000km

Fast forward to the H2, bought a power RS, it lasted 3000km. Bit low. S22 next, lasted 6000. Put them on the H2, the 14r, five times repeated. loved it.

My H2 sx came with brand new Metzler's. 7rr or something. As soon as they hit the wear marker, they started to spin out of corner exit. Never in my life have I experienced that. Hate.

2350km. Start to finish.

Michelin power 5 on the rear today, after learning the RS was discontinued. S22's would be on order, or I could take the power 5.

$318 fitted. Mechanic tells me ALL brands of tyres are up 20% in cost (Australia) from now on.


Scrubbed her in today, 20C and sunny.

Glad to be home. The Michelin feels amazing side to side.
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