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Long Time Kawasaki Fan

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Hi guys,

I am a long time Kawasaki Fan, the First time I knew I wanted to ride a motorcycle was when I watched the movie Top Gun (tom cruise was ridding a Kawasaki).

I have been ridding since 2009 . Even if I am a Kawasaki Fan, I have never had the chance to own one. my previous Rides is as follows.

1. Ducati 848(sold)
2. Ducait Diavel(sold)
3. Panigale S(sold)
4. Panigale R (sold)
5. bmw s1000rr(sold)
6. Superlegerra (current Ride)

I have always been a Tuner and I dreamed of owning a turbo charged Hayabusa. like the one's I see in the magazines. however, I do not think there is a mechanic in my area who can do that. Imagine my delight when rumors circulated that there will be a supercharged liter bike that will come strait from the factory. I could not believe it. and that is why I am now here in this forum. I hope to get information regarding this bike and when you guys have a pleasurable experience, I will also buy one.

I just hope that the road going version of the h2 will have headlights. no point in owning a fast bike if you can not kick ass on the high way.
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Well, despite never having a Kawasaki, you do have an impressive bunch of bikes under your belt. The H2 will make a nice capper on that list.

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.
You started riding 5 years ago, have gone through 6 bikes (all top of the heap), and currently ride a $65,000 Duc? Is this real life? Are you a sheikh's son?
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Regardless of the price of those bikes, its amazing that you've been buying and selling bikes so quickly. In the door one month, out the door the next?

What makes you want to switch your motorcycles so quickly? Do you think the Ninja H2 will stick around for the long haul?
Welcome to the forum bud. You must be quite the interesting guy to live in Manila and have owned all those bikes and only been riding for 5 years. I'm interested to hear a bit more of the story behind that. I'm sure that the Ninja H2 will be to your liking given your previous bikes.
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