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Most of you guys have already seen most H2 videos on the web. In any case, in case you missed mine, here's a link to my dyno run from last Saturday.

In 100* F heat, I got 217hp SAE and 222hp STD with a stock-ish rev limiter set at 13,500rpm. In the ballpark pretty much with Rickey's recent dyno results before he installed the RG62 kit. *I need that RG62 kit in my life. :)

Only mods done are a Flashtune ECU Flash that I did myself, a DNA air filter, and Brock's Alien Head Slip-On. Pump 93 Octane. Mobil 1 4T 10W40 and no other additives. Stock Gearing.

...oh and I hold the YouTube record for longest flame thrower. 17 seconds!!! 0:) ....since everyone here loves records.

I will post graphs at a later time. I'll be heading back on a day with better weather to see if I can post some healthier numbers without any changes. For reference, my friend's dyno typically reads about 4hp lower than other dynos in the area.

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