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Suits and armored pants usually have you covered with CE armor for your knees, but what about your hips and thighs? This crucial joint more often than not goes unprotected and is open to serious injury in the event of a crash. KNOX has solved this problem with the introduction of their all new Defender V14 armored shorts available at Riders Discount.

With CE armor in the hip and thigh along with a coccyx (tailbone) pad, not only are these are good to own for your motorcycle riding but perfect for snow sports, mountain bike riding, or cycling thanks to a removable chamois pad.

Fit is true to size and available at Riders Discount today with retail at $109.95. Order your KNOX Defender V14 armored shorts from our website here. If you need help with sizing or placing your order, give MIKE a call or send him a message through this forum.

Read our full review of the KNOX Defender V14 shorts with more information and photos on the Riders Discount blog.

Want to add these KNOX armored shorts to your collection? Purchase from our website here.
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