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This should be the last of the series. Kawasaki just released Ninja H2 Vol.8 a teaser video showing the supercharged engine going through a test.

We don't get to see much in this 31 second clip but only a shot of the steel headers which seem to be a 4 in to 2 in to 1. In the background we hear the engine screaming and so much that the camera actual shakes. Near the end of the video we see a message "Warmed up enough?

What rpm do you guys think it's revving at?

Just days before the debut in Cologne, Germay for the Intermot show where the official unveil takes place on September 30th.

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it looks good to me :)

what ive noticed is that the diameter of the pipes are pretty big :)
Hard to say since its a close up but if i had to guess the pipe diamter id say 2.25?

I heard that the engine was running at 14,000 rpm.
I heard that too but that number was achieved by using a acoustic tachmeter app how acurate is it through computer speakers?
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