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Kawasaki Ninja H2 stop sale issued for warranty recall

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Does anyone have details on this?

I ordered an H2 very early, reputable dealer who has kept me in the loop with all contact with Kawasaki corporate during the entire process. I was somewhere in the teens for order slot with a non-carbon H2.

The bike arrived Dec 5th to dealer, was unboxed, and before I could take possession Kawasaki issued a stop sale on all H2's (going back to 2015) for a warranty repair.

Still digging into this and waiting to reach out to Kawasaki customer service.. anyone else know what's going on here?
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Email received from Kawasaki NZ advising me to take it to the local dealer for replacement, seem to be on the ball.
Had the recall done on Cam Chain Tensioner on Ninja H2.. Took dealer about 15 mins ..Painless process
I ordered mine when I first heard about it, took 2 days to get the part. Took me 5 minutes to install it. There is no difference. It is just failure prevention.
Hi Ted, can you give me the part numbers for the cam tensioner and gasket, also where did you order from?
Here in Aus the shop won't let me fit it myself, has to be done by the mechanic as its part of a recall procedure.
No big problem but I guess they are covering themselves to ensure proper fitment, and that it actually happened!
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