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Kawasaki Ninja H2 Long-Term Reliability Discussion: What will be be like?

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Fact is, engines paired with turbo's or superchargers help with getting more power and good fuel economy for the power it puts out. But what will long term reliability be like? Will used Ninja H2's, a few years old, that have racked up thousands of miles experience a number of problems?
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There is not really all that much more to this engine than a standard non-supercharged engine. The supercharger module has an extra chain drive and a planetary gear set and it's fed by the engine's normal oil supply in the crankcase. A centrifugal compressor is a "nice" load - very steady torque to drive the impeller - not like a piston compressor or Roots blower or anything of that sort. The fuel injection is same level of complexity as ZX10R. The bypass valve is an extra piece that a normal engine doesn't have, but there isn't really much to it.

What this engine will probably *not* tolerate, is people mucking around with the fuel injection mapping while not knowing what they are doing. You can have an "oops" in the fuel delivery or ignition timing to a normal engine and it will just make more or less power. An "oops" here is much more likely to cause a meltdown. With a normal engine you can get away with setting full-load fuel delivery and ignition timing for max power output and, for the most part, not worry about it. An attempt to do so on a forced-induction engine might make more power for a little while ... and then melt a piston.

We already know Rickey Gadson got big power output by leaning his out. But he's running full load for 8 seconds at a time. There is likely a difference between the "intermittent" power rating and the "continuous" power rating.

Granted, how many of us street riders are going to be able to run at 300 hp continuous power output for long periods? I sure can't!
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