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And if you thought Honda had their fingers in everything ;)

Seriously though there's a reason they used to call Kawasaki the Rich Boys of Racing

An old acquaintance of mine, a former TV actor and lifelong motorcycle enthusiast now retired in Japan and speaking the language fluently, once told me how Japanese motorcycling insiders characterized the racing departments of the Japanese Big Four in no more than three words. This was what he said, assuring me than none of the following descriptions is understood to be insulting or denigrating:

Yamaha: "Pure marketing."
Suzuki: "Crazy people racing."
Kawasaki: "Rich boys racing."
Honda: "NASA."
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Good, quick read actually...

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So its Official .....Kawasaki make boring machines.

Loving the two rivers symbol carved in granite in the entrance.

I would 100% DISAGREE with that statement.

For me it's the total opposite. KHI is not boring at all, but really interesting, and diverse. Look at their product line....very impressive.
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