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I think the largest question surrounding the H2 (even greater than what type of bike) is just what kind of motivation is it going to make use of?

We know H2 WILL be Supercharged, we're just not sure what it will be supercharging...

There are several theories that all hold their own fair share of water. For one its thought that the new H2 could use a slightly bored out version of the ZX-6R's 636cc Inline 4.

Its thought that the new H2 will revive the old H2's 750cc displacement fighting weight. Whats intriguing however is its thought that displacement may not be the only homage the H2 is packing.

Listening to the Supercharged video its easy to think Kawasaki may be reviving the three cylinder format, some of the more ambitious commenters have begun to speculate that Kawasaki could in fact be building a two stroke supercharged triple. That would qualify as cardiac arrest to the global motorcycle market. Granted their ideas are not completely far fetched considering Kawasaki waxed this about their newest monster on the H2 webpage:

“The Ninja H2 was not designed with meeting regulations a primary concern. Kawasaki’s latest flagship is the result of a pure exercise in pushing the limits of motorcycle technology with the goal of creating the ideal road sports bike.”
So maybe a 2 stroke Triple isn't far fetched. If Kawasaki wants to TRUELY bash the skull of the industry in thats what they will do. If they're looking for a cost effective solution to become king of the mountain then we're likely to see H2's engine roots come from either the ZX-6R or the ZX-10R...
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