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Just what Kind of Bike is the H2?

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Clues are scant so why not speculate. We've Heard that H2 is intended to be Kawasakis flagship bike, a spot currently held by the ZX-14R, however the ZX-14R moves in low numbers and is relative overkill with its 1.4L I4.

Ostensibly one would assume that the H2 will naturally be a sport bike complete with fairing and farkles. However, the original H2 was a simple and classy UJM. Could we be seeing Kawasaki reviving the retro styling of the H2 name, or does the Ninja tag have it guaranteed to slot into the sport bike category?

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I don't think it will be naked, I think its going to be faired. Like you said the Ninja tag is reserved for the faired sports bikes, example, the Z1000 is not included in the Ninja Family.

Besides, I found this in Kawasakis Supercharger Patent Application...

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I also feel like it's going to be faired, even more of a reason to really want to see it being unveiled.
Oooooo! I have the answer!

A really fast one!
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